Edited on 03 - oct -17 --> SPACE 2017 DBCE

SPACE 2017 Accepted Papers

Sashank Dara and Muralidhara Vn. Similarity based Interactive Private Information Retrieval
Armando Faz-Hernandez, Hayato Fujii, Diego Aranha and Julio Lopez. A Secure and Efficient Implementation of the Quotient Digital Signature Algorithm (qDSA)
Kamalkumar Macwan and Sankita Patel. Mutual Friend Attack Prevention in Social Network Data Publishing
Avik Chakraborti, Nilanjan Datta and Mridul Nandi. Practical Fault Attacks on Minalpher: How to Recover Key with Minimum Faults?
Bhagwan Bathe, Bharti Hariramani, A K Bhattacharjee and S V Kulgod. Analysis of Diagonal Constants in Salsa and Chacha
Vincent Immler, Matthias Hiller, Qinzhi Liu, Andreas Lenz and Antonia Wachter-Zeh. Variable-Length Bit Mapping and Error Correcting Codes for Higher-Order Alphabet PUFs
Akhilesh Siddhanti, Santanu Sarkar, Subhamoy Maitra and Anupam Chattopadhyay. Differential Fault Attack on Grain v1, ACORN v3 and Lizard
Diego Aranha, Reza Azarderakhsh and Koray Karabina. Efficient software implementation of laddering algorithms over binary elliptic curves
Akhilesh Anilkumar Siddhanti, Subhamoy Maitra and Nishant Sinha. Certain observations on ACORN v3 and the implications to TMDTO Attacks
Harshul Vaishnav, Smriti Sharma and Anish Mathuria. Efficient Implementation of Private License Plate Matching Protocols
Manaar Alam, Sarani Bhattacharya and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay. Tackling the Time-Defence: An Instruction Count Based Micro-architectural Side-channel Attack on Block Ciphers
Donghoon Chang, Mohona Ghosh, Arpan Jati, Abhishek Kumar and Somitra Sanadhya. eSPF: A Family of Format-Preserving Encryption Algorithms using MDS Matrices
Vishal Saraswat and Rajeev Anand Sahu. Short Integrated PKE+PEKS in Standard Model
Efthimios Alepis and Constantinos Patsakis. Hey Doc, Is This Normal?: Exploring Android Permissions in the Post Marshmallow Era